Design is an important part of your web presence. Users and potential customers or clients need to create an emotional connection with your brand or your product right away. 75% of your website’s credibility is established through its design aesthetic (source). If your design is not done right, 88% of users are less likely to return to your site after a bad experience (source).

This is best accomplished through a few powerful, but truthful images (not stock photography), a color palette that reinforces your brand and establishes trust, and well chosen typography to reflect your brand’s personality.

Besides these look and feel elements, buying or learning about your product through your website should be an enjoyable and positive experience. Navigation should be obvious and consistent, how and where to take action should be clear, and the website should be free of too many choices or too many graphic elements that distract users from your overall message.

Because the web has been around for two decades now, the layouts and design patterns that work on larger screens are well known. Smaller screens, such as phones and tablets, are newer but the functional patterns on these devices are getting solidified.

Develody’s design approach is to learn about your product or service and craft a design that embodies the above principles. Develody does not create art pieces, but highly functional, emotionally connecting, simple but delightful web user experiences. Your content is king, and your website should be in service exclusively to your content.


Building on the above design philosophy, web development is about turning design into highly performant, secure and usable functionality.

Websites need to load fast and work perfectly. If the website loads slowly, has hiccups, or is “janky” when clicking or scrolling, it will negatively affect your brand which results in lost sales. 40% of users with leave a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load (source).

Your website should also be easy to use on the backend. Content managers should not be assaulted with too many options, and creating new content or editing existing content should not be complicated.

Develody does not use themes bought from online theme sellers, such as Theme Forest. Store-bought themes look great on demo pages, but rarely work in the real world. Their code is bloated, and their one-size-fits-all approach means that its probably not right for your content. Develody builds WordPress and Drupal themes from scratch, based on an internal boilerplate that has been built up through years of experience, specifically for your application. This way, the code that powers your website is lean, adheres to the latest in best practices and is only what your website needs and nothing else.

Develody uses Git version control on your code, to track all changes over time and a deployment workflow that allows for staging changes on development sites, along with code rollback protection should a deployment not go right.

Managed Services

Develody provides managed services to all of its clients to allow you to focus on your content and your product. Our hosting service runs Nginx, PHP 7 with Opcode caching, MariaDB and SSL (HTTPS) standard and receives an A+ rating from Qualsys SSL labs. This infrastructure is lightning fast and built specifically for the web applications we host.

Develody monitors for downtime, runs nightly off-site backups and takes care of all core and security updates for your software, whether it be WordPress or Drupal.

See more about our managed web hosting at WPS Host

SEO and Marketing

SEO is more than just keywords, it is a facet of your overall web presence. SEO includes site speed and performance, usability, mobile-friendliness, SSL, and the general usefulness of your content. It is also the structure and semantic markup of your content. Is your website coded properly? Are you using schema tags? Does your link structure make sense? Is there a consistent hierarchy of information?

These are the SEO questions that Develody can help you answer. We build and develop websites with an SEO-aware approach and get your site off the ground 90% of the way to SEO bliss. If you have an existing site, Develody can give you a thorough audit and help you plan and execute and SEO strategy.

The last 10% the SEO equation, such as long tail keyword and content analysis, Google AdWords and Facebook Ad strategy, link building and other online marketing and advertising approaches come through working with our select partners whose expertise has been verified and far surpasses what Develody can offer.


Selling products on the web is hard. Do not let any one kid you. For ecommerce, our preferred route for most businesses is the Shopify platform. For ease of use, ease of management and low overhead and barrier to entry, it cannot be beat. Develody develops custom Shopify themes and offers training, configuration, setup and consulting on all aspects of the Shopify platform.

For those who need more horsepower, customization or have a strong team of content managers, WooCommerce is our preferred custom ecommerce solution, based on WordPress. Be aware, however, that a WooCommerce website is expensive and time consuming and not for the faint of heart. In certain circumstances, it can be the right choice though. Contact us for more information.

Real Estate and IDX Integration

There are some great plugins available that make IDX integration into custom websites quite affordable. Gone are the days when you need to write completely custom code to integrate IDX or MLS feeds into your website. See my blog post on a recent development on Linkedin


Do you need a custom website? A lot of businesses think they do, but your money might be better spent elsewhere. If your business only needs a blog, or Medium might be the best option. If you just need a 4–5 page brochure site, Squarespace is great for the price. Saving money on your website means more money available for marketing and advertising, product development or content creation.

Our approach is to be real. We won’t take your money or the job if we think it is bad for your business — or ours 🙂 . At the same time, we love solving unique business challenges and can brainstorm with you to develop solutions and create strategies that leverage the vast array of tools available online to grow businesses.

A one hour consultation with Develody is free. Beyond that, we can generate a comprehensive strategy and scope of work that you can choose to embark on with Develody, or take to another developer to implement. Contact us to set up an appointment to talk!